Pandora Hearts 68 - Down the Rabbit Hole

Don't be fooled by the happy faces. 
Even though this chapter is full of fluffs, it's depressingly dark and psycho.

Oz, Jack, B-Rabbit & Alice: Theories & Speculations

Oz is the B-Rabbit Theory.
It's either this or that:
1. The wall screams B-Rabbit at Oz.
2. It's just a graffiti.

Pandora Hearts 65 -Collapse (Literally)

 When it rained spoilers, theories, raws and translations...
 I was like this...
Then my mind broke. 
I screamed/cried/despaired/stoned/zombified/died and my vine popped. 

Tiger & Bunny 20 - Troll Me

Well done Sunrise!!
Apparently the tokens of love aren't enough, Kotetsu had to bitch-slapped Barnaby into uke-mode.
And now, Sunrise's trollage brings us further!


What am I doing? Ishouldbestudyinglawaaaaahscrewit!!!
Never mind, Tettere ftw~

Monochrome Factor Chapter 65 (END) Translation

One word, gorgeous.
If only the story can be said the same.

Btw, here's an interesting video of the making of the wallpaper above by Sorano himself. A MUST see for all Sorano-fan

It's fascinating to see how much effort he put into the background, the characters and their clothings! This fastforwarded 14 minutes video actually took him 17 hours just to create the illustration! Seeing how Ryuko, Akira and Shirogane was drawn was an epic experience!! I especially enjoyed the part where he draw their capes and those flowing long hair!!

Pandora Hearts Chapter 60 - Empty Shell

Mochizuki-sensei, no one likes uncertainty, but there's no need to slam 'Elliot is Dead' on our faces on the first page. D;

Brief summary for Chapter 60 Egg Shell (Lost) from the raws after the jump!


Eargasm. After falling for this ReAct by MikuxRinxLen, I was led to this:


Mp3 available here!
The cover of its previous part Acute by MikuxLukaxKaito.
Nothing can describe how awesome it feels to be listening to Izaya, Shizuo and Shinra's smexy voices.

And here are the original and its sequel.


Mp3 available here!
The story is based loosely on School Days without any nice boats.
Miku and Luka are both in love with Kaito, when Miku learns that Kaito prefers Luka to her, she goes yandere and stabs Kaito and commits suicide (In ReAct, Kaito is on a wheel chair, indicating that he was injured).

『ミク×リン×レン』 ReAct 『オリジナル曲PV』

Mp3 available here!
The sequel of Acute.
Miku appears to survived her suicide and now falls in love with Len instead. *So fast? Wasn't she insanely in love with Kaito before??* Rin gets jealous and...I'm not sure what happened, but it looks like Miku's dead. Rin was holding the knife, but Miku told her that 'repeating it is useless','s up to us to decide how Miku died.

Now back to the cover song~ Izayaaaaaaaa~