Pandora Hearts 65 -Collapse (Literally)

 When it rained spoilers, theories, raws and translations...
 I was like this...
Then my mind broke. 
I screamed/cried/despaired/stoned/zombified/died and my vine popped. 

I could almost imagine Mochizuki-sensei pulling an innocent face like Jack and say, 'just trolling ye all'.

It felt like someone just ripped out my intestines and started skipping with it in front of me. 

 How I wish I could pull an Oz and say, I'm counting on you Mochizuki-sensei for more trainwreckmindrapingepictrollage story.

  Or at least, to be able to yell 'how dare you troll me now gimme back my squeaky-clean jack' like Glen with such rage with dignity.

Unfortunately, I couldn't.  

I went, 'WTH is this Mochizuki?'
*I can imagine her going 'Trolled, Keikaku Doori (just as planned)' with a sparkly in her eye in front of her monitor*

Finally I succumbed.
Mochizuki-sensei you just killed me.

Thank you so much for the trollage, I couldn't sleep that night (no joking) and I had a law in-class essay the next morning. Don't suppose I could blame others for my insomnia, but still...

Okie, Jokes aside, let the trolling and rolling and speculations begin!

It was funny to see Gil snapped at Vince's 'declaration of love'.

I was glad to see some big bro action from Gil, he's just as important as Oz, pity he doesn't get to do much.
While it was actually pretty heart-warming to see him spilling out those stuff he didn't like seeing Vincent doing, like ripping teddy bears, playing out at night time etc...

I think I see some hints...

At here Gil states that he wants Vincent to stop getting involved with the Baskervilles, as if it's bad. And Vince's reaction is interesting, he's surprised, or more like stunned at those words coming from Gil, as if it never occurs to him that 'friends with Baskervilles=baaad', he was like, questioning Gil, 'Why now? Why is it wrong to be associated with them? Are we not...?' Is he remembering stuff, recovering glimpse of the truth or maybe because he simply knew the truth?

Too hot for words. xD

So, with the power of Cheryl's chain Gil manages to track Barma and the Baskervilles. Questions: Did Barma intended to be tracked or he just couldn't get rid of Cheryl's chain? This is Barma we're dealing with, the knows-it-all/walking-encyclopedia of everything. I dare to say in red that He knows he is tracked. It's just a matter of what his intentions are? He might be pulling a Snape, we wouldn't know.

Daaaaaw Leo. You need a hug so terribly!

This place, why does it resembles so much of Lacie's grave?
Because Jack treasures his memories of the 3 of them together?

 From here, we can see that Gil remembers glimpse of the Tragedy.
My question here is...How did Gil survive the massacre? Glen said kill everyone, did the Baskervilles spare Gil simply because he's a servant of Jack/Glen or because Gil is a Baskerville?

Aaaaaaaw Vince. You need a hug!
He looks sooooooo sad and emo!
After seeing and experiencing so many tragedies, I can understand how desperate is Vince trying to ensure that no matter what happens, Gil is safe and happy.

From Vince's reaction, it seems like Vince do knows that something is oh-so-wrong with Gil's recollection of memories.If Vince does know the truth, then this might justify his reaction to Gil's 'stop meddling with the Baskervilles' statement earlier.

 Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaw. BigBroAction FTW.
That Gil remembering chibi Vince part was soooooooo cute!!
If, it wasn't for that Pandora idiot, Vince might be yelling 'Gil What are you talking about? Jack...'
Conclusion, Vince knows. He knows who is Gil's master. He knows it was not Jack. Or at least, he sensed contradictions.

Oz, you are too awesome for words! xD

Moving to some Oz and Leo moment.
I'm glad that I read Pandora Hearts too. :D

 Leo was so girly that I was so afraid that Oz might bitch-slap him. Instead, we had Oz talking/punching some sense into Leo telling him that Leo was never and will not be alone, not even when Elliot is gone.
Oz I love you~

More hugs for Leo coming up!!!! *sniffs*
 Then again...Jack hates bromance moments, he probably loathed it too when he was with Glen.
Jokes aside, we knows that Jack has control of B-rabbit's power and Oz himself.

The look on Jack's face on pg 52, why so sad?
Not to mention that the focus shifted subtly to Gil...Was Jack feeling guilty again for hurting a black-hair kid with pretty eyes Glen, or something innocent?
Seeing that Glen too, has emotions makes me bursting with happiness.
Aaaaw Gil, see what happens when you don't listen?

You'd get slashed by Jack the Ripper. (Oh my, I think, I can sense some theories coming up!!!)
The part of about Jack saying, 'you people don't die from wounds like this', was Gil included? It's highly possible looking at Gil's survival rate. Later on, Jack threatens to kill Gil, if Gil is truly a Baskervilles, was Jack implying that he would kill Gil with the power similar of the Mad Hatter? Does B-rabbit rings a bell?

 Yes Gil, you don't die. But why do you age? Look at Lotti and the rest, they don't look like they've aged. If you are one of them why do you age
Unless, you're just alive thanks to pure luck.
Lovely, Glen's pretty head~ 
Not what we, or even the Baskervilles and Vince expected.
What was Glen's head doing there? What was it trying to seal? Why is it that whenever Oz, Alice and chains, are near the sealing stones/Glen's body parts, they are affected so badly? Is it because that it is Glen, a Baskerville in the stones and not Jack?

From here, it seems to imply that Glen is the quiet but caring type of people. 
He doesn't speak much, all he needs was a gentle smile. This little flashback of Glen and Gil was so sweet and serene.

Oh Jack you creep. 

Lacie, mother of Alyss and Alice? I think not. 
Instead of giving birth, literally, to Alice and Alyss, I think they were born from her sacrifice. How was she sacrificed to the Abyss? Thrown there, eaten, killed, burnt? Abyss used to be a happy sparkly place, but it is now dark gloomy and pure creepy, all because of, Oz, or was it Jack/B-rabbit, if these 3 were connected or they are simply the same existence? After all, Jack may be twisted and psycho after Lacie's death, did his negative thoughts somehow tainted Abyss?

I know you're Jack, and you'll grow up to be a ripper.

Speculation time!

First of all, Jack. His name. I used to wonder, for a very short period, why was he given the name Jack? Jack is common, it's not unusual, it's plain, too goody-goody, unbelievably boring, so un-noble-like, unfantasy-ish nor it's like it's something related to Alice in Wonderland unless Mochizuki got the name from Wizard of Oz...

So, why Jack?

Then it struck me, Jack the Ripper. Who did Jack ripped in PH? Glen of course, it might even be Jack's first ripping adventure! Besides that, if Jack was Vince' master (which is 99.9% confirmed, provided we're not screwed again), then this might explain Vince's doll-ripping hobby. He got it from his master, Jack the Ripper no doubt. Then again Jack might not have ripped any dolls at all, but I find that it implies the resemblance between the master and servant. They need something in common. Jack rips human and Vince rips dolls.
Think of it, when exactly did Jack make the sealing stone? When did he die exactly? We were only told that Jack saved the world, and he 'sacrificed' himself to seal Glen. Was that record false? Did the Barma's plotted this, with Jack himself? If he 'sealed' 'Glen' right after the tragedy, who are Oz, Ada, Oscar and Zai's ancestors,seeing that Jack might not be a Vessalius unless he's an illegitimate/lost child of the family. I don't like to think that Jack had any families after what happened, especially down there. So how is Jack related to the Vessalius, and how is it that every Vessalius has the same traits?

Oh my, this is getting nowhere. I have tons of crackpot theories bubbling out all of a sudden, I'd better make a separate post of it, otherwise even I myself have no idea what I'm talking about. So that's it for now, ja ne~
Done! Here's my Crack Theories!


  1. "Jack hates bromance moments, he probably loathed it too when he was with Glen"
    Truer words have never been spoken XD

    OMG I think you're sooo right about "Jack the ripper"; it NEVER made sense to me either why he'd have such a commoner's name!! O_O

    maybe it's a little stalkerish of me, but I've been lurking since chapter 59 and your Pandora Hearts posts always make me laugh and kill my brain thinking about theories~~ XD

  2. it's already been confirmed that jack is an illegitamate child,also miranda barma is the murderer not jack.

  3. When Glen's head fell out of the sealing stone.. is that seaweed? (SEAWEED HEAD- Gil)

  4. Holy shit o_0 this is so tied together with b rabbit in the newer chapters. Oswald was Glens original name and Oz is officially b rabbit. Im seeing the links. Glen cast his sis lacie into the abyss and blamed himself afterwards. maybe on the day oswald became glen b rabbit was created so he could take care of alice in lacie's place.

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  6. Rereading all of your theories, because they all seem to turn out correct in hindsight!
    My only comment is with Jack's name - while it may have a connection with Jack the Ripper, it more likely has a connection with the Jack of Hearts. It's been said that the four Duke houses represent the different suits in playing cards (in the official art, the Vessalius household has been associated with Hearts, the Rainsworth with Spades, the Barmas with Diamonds, and while Clubs was assumed to be the Nightrays due to their presence around Gilbert and Vincent, it turns out they might actually have been associated with Baskervilles, as they were later shown with Lotti). The name 'Jack,' then, has always interested me, especially since the children's rhyme, 'The Queen of Hearts' was deliberately brought into the story during the Headhunter arc.
    The rhyme focuses on how the Queen reacts to the Knave of Hearts - otherwise called the Jack of Hearts - stealing from her, and how she punishes him. Indeed, the English word 'jack' literally means 'to steal.'
    I don't know exactly what Jack's stolen just yet. The naming choice could refer to Jack taking Oz from Alice by having Alyss turn him into a chain, or to him stealing the authority over chains from the Baskervilles by being the first mentioned contractor outside their family. But considering the Jack of Hearts steals from his own house, it's possibly a reference to Jack's supposed interference with the deaths of various Vessalius family members.
    Who knows? But with the suit allusion, this interpretation seems just as likely.