STAR DRIVER 13 - It Er Challengeeee!

Featuring Benio, Takuto's latest catch Sugata's another childhood lover admirer.

鏡音レン - 最初のクリスマス

Download the mp3 here.

Not exactly new, in fact this was uploaded A pretty song from Len by ムスカP(狐夢想) (If not mistaken...). Found it through a music preview from KarenT. The PV looks kinda BL/Shouta-con, then again, it depends on how one interprets the lyrics...

STAR DRIVER 11 - Whose Is Longer?

Takuto's star swords.

With Sugata's power-up version.

Needless to say, Sugata's indeed longer.
Or is there any other deeper meaning in his words?


DECO*27 did it again. It's not that hot and fresh anymore but still I can't stop myself from saying how much I love this piece.