Monochrome Factor Chapter 47

So I translated chapter 47 first, all due to the fact that I was busy travelling during the CNY celebrations and chapter 43 has a frigging 40 pages-worth of work to do. Well, chapter 47 came out earlier than I expected, but than won't happen to 48 since the scanlators will be busy enjoying the celebration as well~

Link!! To view page 1-5, it seems like you have to pay some virtual money of the forum, I don't know how I did it, maybe I had it all the time and I didn't know (I don't go to Chinese forum very often...). Anyway, I clicked the link that has the characters '金子 5 两' and and it turned up for me... I'm not sure will it work for the rest but just try your luck. xD

Translations after the cut~

Monochrome Factor Chapter 42

Phew. Finally.

Couldn't update for the past few days. Blame Blogger for not accessible when I planned to update!! Then it was weekends and I'm usually not free on weekends... And lastly I was forced into slavery, ok that's exaggerating.Then my sibling had some accident and went to visit Shisui, ok wait that not possible as well...

Scrap that, you don't have to know the lame excuses right? It's irrelevant to Monochorme Factor anyway.

Enjoy Monochrome Factor 42~ (Pleasepleasepleaseplease don't post the download link for the manga on other sites or rename the file and upload it somewhere... *very very sad face*, ok? But a link to my blog will be very much appreciated :3)

For a better understanding of the translations, scroll down (SPOILERS BEWARE).

Monochrome Factor 46!! *Updated*

Updated the whole post, including the missing parts and pages!!

Was pretty busy on the weekends, so I only started translating it on Monday, which just happens to be today... Phew...

Here's the link and translation: