Kobato Drop 23.4 - No One is Evil in CLAMP's World

Don't be surprised.
As I said, no one is evil in CLAMP's World.

Yes, Okiura, and that means you too.

So stop being emo.

Chapter Summary:
After hearing Sayaka's decision to close down the kindergarten, Okiura tells Sayaka to leave the kindergarten and go to somewhere far far away (so that he's evil father can't bully her).

But before Sayaka leaves, she wants to know the truth behind Okiura's actions. According to Okiura, he married her for 1 reason: to get their land. He later further confirms that he had all this planned out before he even married her.

However, Sayaka tells Okiura that it wasn't worth the trouble to marry her since he can still get her father in trouble easily as long he wants. So, clearly Okiura is lying because he loves Sayaka very very much~ xD

Being the very shy good guy who acts like a bad guy, Okiura tells Sayaka that she's mistaken about him. Sayaka then cries and tells him that they are ac couple so how can she be wrong??? Now that the cat is out of the bag, Sayaka asks Okiura why didn't he just tell her the truth, in which Okiura replies that he doesn't want to make her cry...

...and earns himself a slap from Sayaka.

And Kobato-chan, in case you haven't notice, you're like a shiny light bulb in the middle of a lovers' quarrel!

After Thoughts:
As many had guessed, Okiura LOVES Sayaka~ His love was revealed in the anime anyway... This is CLAMP we're talking bout, no one is truly evil and when they are, they have a bloody sad reason for being so. Anyway, now that Sayaka & Okiura's moment is to be over, it's about time Kobato starts dealing with her twinkling bottle and that dummy Kiyokazu. Not forgetting human-form Ioryogi and his Angel-Kobato, we need more of them as well!!!


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