Tiger & Bunny 20 - Troll Me

Well done Sunrise!!
Apparently the tokens of love aren't enough, Kotetsu had to bitch-slapped Barnaby into uke-mode.
And now, Sunrise's trollage brings us further!

But why stop at there?
Why not let the ultimate our Pedomole... I mean, Maverick the Ultimate Shota-con have what he wants?
Now I think of it, I shudder at the thought of Bunny growing up with Maverick... He could have just *censored* *censored* and simply wipe off his memories...

Noooooononononono leave my BUNNY alone!!!!!!!

Lunatic hasn't been forgotten~
He'll be the prince charming instead of Bunny to save Kotetsu...
which I doubt. ;w;
Kotetsu will probably be burnt into a kebab the moment Lunatic sees him.

Seriously, I love how Sunrise trolls me.

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