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Made my new skin based on Suzunosuke's art for Synchronicity.

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[Rin][Len] Synchronicity Requiem of the Circling World

Spreading the love of this fantastic series.

作词:ひとしずくP 作曲:ひとしずくP 编曲:ひとしずくP

First chapter: [镜音レン]君を捜す空 ([Kagamine Len] Kimi o Sagasu Sora/Looking For You In The Sky)

Chapter 2: [Kagamine Len/Kagamine Rin] 光と影の楽園 (Hikari to Kage no Rakuen/Paradise of Light and Shadow)

Summary of story here.
Artworks and screenshots download.

Scanlations- Monochrome Factor Chapter 49

I've noticed that a lot of people are suffering due to unable to register/log into the Chinese Forum. So I've uploaded the chapter to ease your pain.


Please don't upload the scanlations anywhere (like Mangafox/Onemanga/etc). Just keep it for yourself and respect the scanlators' request (They've done a lot to get the chapters online so this is how we show our respect and gratitude to them).
I know what I'm doing right now isn't exactly *coughs coughs*...
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Here you go. =D

I never intended to upload my translated chapters onto any web site (due to my skill as an amateur in both translating & image editing) as I knew that the professional translators are doing a great job but it's just that they're having a busy schedule with their lives.

The chapters I've translated and uploaded before were intended to let who can't understand Mandarin to enjoy the manga (as a fan of many series, I truly understand how it feels to be unable to read/understand your favourite manga D;).

Seeing as how things are going currently... With 3 of the chapters I've translated uploaded to Mangafox, I've decided to stop upload the translated chapters in case, they ended up somewhere they shouldn't be.

Monochrome Factor Chapter 49

A chapter full of Ryuko!!!!!
What an awesome treat from Sorano sensei!!!! xD

Let's skip the fangirling and go straight to the translation~ And click here for the scanlations~