Nurarihyon 08 - Not Again Studio Deen

I wish.
My experience tells me that I have to be very cautious whenever Studio Deen is involved. Indeed, Studio Deen always or most of the time, does great animation, despite that, I just can't accept the changes they made to the story.

悪ノ物語 (Story of Evil) feat. Kagamine Len

Congratulations to Len for Aku no Meshitsukai (Servant of Evil) to hit 2 million view on Nico!!!! xD Moreover, Aku no Meshitsukai is the first Len song to achieve that!! Three cheers to Mothy for being such an wonderful producer!!
Ok I know the illustration above is from Aku no Musume (Daughter of Evil), but it belongs to the Aku series so never mind. xD

Kuroshitsuji II 08 - Jim McCain

This is one hell of an episode that reveals Alois' past. Beware, it's a long post ahead!!
*That's some sexy boots you have there!!*

Kuroshitsuji II 07 - Troll Party

Buckle your seat belt and prepare yourself, it's a crazy ride ahead!!

Monochrome Factor Chapter 55 Brief Summary

Tell me that it isn't just me who thinks Shisui looks terrible!!!!!
Spoilerific summary after the cut!

07 GHOST Chapter 62(?) - Berserk

The chapter numbers are in a terrible mess, I'm not sure what went wrong with the publisher's number system, but when I checked the English scans, we have up to chapter 60, which is 2 chapters ahead of the English scanlations of the current chapter I'm here blogging here. The Chinese scanlators are confused as well, making the forum very messy with some thread tittles for the scanlations wrongly numbered... =___=

Anyway, chapter summary after the cut, enjoy!