Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood 54

He's pissed off.

Awesome facial expression we're getting.

I'm getting a bit obsessive with the extreme facial expressions. Quite a few seasons ago I had Code Geass, and that alone itself is enough to make me roll on the floor laughing in pain at the distorted faces.

Too bad crazy Mustang only lasts for one episode. It was so fun watching him looking insane.

Ga-Rei ends T___T

BAW. *Spoilers beware*

I was really shocked to see it ending so abruptly. Really shock. D:

I know some of the readers got really fed-up with the continuous revival thing going on, so if you're one of them, press Alt+F4 and take your flames with you and leave please. )=

To me, Ga-Rei was a decent manga. The interesting story, the lovely art, and the quirky characters were just awesome. It was a real treat to read GA-REI and its side stories.


Himitsu ~Kuroi no Chikai~
Another creation of 鈴 ノ助 and ひとし ずく-P.

More info after the cut!

Monochrome Factor Chapter 50

Yessssss!!! It's out!!! Original thread's here and translation's after the cut~ As for those who can't unlock the thread... Here's the download link~

WARNING: Readers with weak hearts or very fragile tear ducts please don't read any further.

Monochrome Factor Chapter 50 RAWS

I can't believe the raw for Monochrome Factor Chappy 50 is out!!! Not the best quality, but it's better than none~ xD


Realistic Vocaloids

I'm not against vocaloids who sound somewhat robotic, in fact I absolutely adore the Kagamines! Especially Len, his voice has this bubbly and energetic feeling in it that it always makes me feel so pumped-up whenever I listen to his songs.

However, it's always a delight to listen to realistic sounding music by these virtual singers, for instance: Gakupo and Gumi. xD Back then I didn't know that Gakupo wasn't made by Crypton, only when I got hook up with Gumi did I realised that, Yamaha's really awesome in getting voice bank from talented singers that could make music that sounds realistic!

Sadly, these 2 are rather underrated. Seriously, we need more awesome songs from them...