Oz, Jack, B-Rabbit & Alice: Theories & Speculations

Oz is the B-Rabbit Theory.
It's either this or that:
1. The wall screams B-Rabbit at Oz.
2. It's just a graffiti.

It has been heavily hinted that Oz himself is the Blood-stained Black Rabbit. Or at least that's what I think. I got this idea since a long time ago based on several hints where Oz is drawn with Black Rabbit-related stuff.
My theories:
1. The B-Rabbit and Alice are separate beings
2. Oz is the B-Rabbit.
3. Alice is usually seen with Black bunny, but what actually represents her might be the Pink bunny.
4. Jack, Oz, the B-rabbit and the pocket watch mean something!!

The first clue: Jack said Oz has the right to use B-rabbit's power. Why? Because Oz is the B-rabbit himself, thus he has the right to use his own power.

Another indication from the story is when Zai calls Oz 'filthy'. Oz's sin, what has he done? Nothing. He was sinful because he exists, as the B-rabbit? If he is the Bloodstained Black Rabbit, then it would justify Zai's statement that Oz is Filthy, Oz is stained/tainted with blood after all.

These are just speculations from the story and characters' interaction, now let's see what have we got from Mochizuki.

An autograph drawing by Mochizuki, if not mistaken. Oz is holding a frigging B-Rabbit mask!!!!

Oz with Black Bunny ears.
Are there any other characters with Black Bunny ears? Not Alice, never seen her with those before even though it was said that she is the B-rabbit.

Oz with Black Bunny Ears!

Another Oz in Black Bunny ears!

Jack of Diamond. (Will talk about Jack later)
Black Bunny, Diamond (Alice's clothes), JACK, Oz.
Art not by Mochizuki, (a DVD freebies I think).

BUT, Mochizuki was in charge of the Alice in Wonderland Omake of this, so it makes sense that she had the authority to decide which character should be on which card. Take a closer look, and you'll see that Oz has the watch with him... Done, now, keep it in mine that Black rabbit, watch, and Oz are related, and probably Jack too.

Lookie here, Oz and the rabbit in Alice hand, they match each other don't they?

 Here's the full series.
Alice is the Queen of Dia, while Oz is Jack (I so dunwanna believe that Oz is Jack), with a Black Bunny.
Jack and Vince aren't here, but they are the Jokers.

Now you see Alice with a Black Rabbit wearing Jack's pocket watch with the scythe in the Bunny's hand, not exactly hers. Alice doesn't own the pocket watch, but Oz does while Jack did, and Oz has control of the B-rabbit's power, symbolized by the scythe. Does it not scream Oz?????

 Ok, here's Oz with a Black Rabbit and the golden pocket watch.

That's as far as the pocket watch tells us. 
Let's look at some other hints.
Black Rabbit in Red Neck Tie.

 Echo hugging a fluffy big Black Rabbit with a red neck tie. 
Why a black rabbit? Why not the teddy bears she's always seen with (in colour pages)? Could that be Oz?
Look at her outfit, she's in her Blue Feather dress. To her, Oz is her someone special who showed her a world different from Vince's, a world with laughter, a world where there's other kind of love. So it'd be natural that the Black Rabbit represents Oz, someone who is special to her.

Not a Black Rabbit image.
But here the image of Lily and the March Hare is somewhat similar to Echo and the B-Rabbit. The March Hare represents Reim, the poor guy who had to play with Lily (symbolised by the rocking dog, which may also represent Fang, someone dear to Lily), and was ultimately beaten half-dead by her (the tear and those plasters).
Get what I'm saying?
There's a pattern of how Mochizuki draws these stuff.

From Vol 6, Lotti with a strapped Black Rabbit.
Lotti had a more dominant role in the Lutwidge School arc.  
From chapter 25-26, we see the Baskervilles tying up Oz in the secret passage trying to force Jack out. See the symbolism? Strapped on to the spiky looking-chair was the Black Rabbit, which is Oz. Who did that to him? Lotti duh. 
Alice with a Lollipop holding Black Rabbit.

And here's another one. 

About the lollipop thing, farfetched as it may sound, could it be a reference to this Oz? Or was the lollipop indicating that Oz was happy with Alice...

Another character with Lollipop and sweet obsession is Break. 
The only relation I can make between Break's lollipop and Oz is the power of their chains to destroy chains. 
Very farfetched indeed. Let's just leave it at here.

A tiny hint from Mochizuki perhaps? Or am I thinking too much?
In her little doodles, you see Alice, Emily, Chesire, Vince, Elliot, Echo?, Barma and some Baskervill fella. There's also a Black Rabbit, Alice was holding the scythe in hers, did Mochizuki drew the same character twice or could that be Oz? He's the main afterall, but he's yet to appear, unless there are other doodles that I've yet to see. 

More illustrations of Bunnies that may mean nothing at all:

The Pink Rabbit is Alice Theory: 
Alice is the B-rabbit, that was what we were told when she was introduced. However, take a closer look and you'll see that there's another Pink Bunny besides the Black Bunny and the White Bunny with crazy eyes. Is this indicating that the Black and Pink bunnies are not the same? Meaning, Alice and the B-rabbit are not the same being. This theory does support my 'Oz is the B-rabbit' theory. So here we go.
Here's one Alice, the Pink Rabbit pretty much reflects her.

Pink Rabbit in Alice's place. 
It's obvious that who the pink rabbit represents. It wears a dress and it's holding a frigging bone!

Pink Rabbit in back seat, watching all the chaos going while she was powerless. 
Oz, Leo, Gil and Vince are the spotlight of these chapters, not Alice.
Reflects what happened in Leo's game of tag with Oz.

Jack and his Yellow Rose of Betrayal and Oz with his Meat-Lover Pink Rabbit - Alice. There you go.

Finally, a decapitated Pink Rabbit.
 There are many evidence indicating that Vince killed Alice. The scissors, his hatred for her, and this poor bunny. We can't be too sure, like Gil's memories, Mochizuki might troll us... It could be Jack too, since Jack the Ripper would be the one who taught Vince to rip things (I related Jack to the serial killer in this post). Moreover, Alice had tears in her eyes when died. Did she cry out of pain, betrayal, horror or fear?

Pink, or white?
Looks like Pink, but it may be due to the lightings. However, looking at the Rabbit's clothes, it looks like Alice.

There's a Black and White bunny ripped apart on the floor. Vince's work for sure. But I don't think they are the B-rabbit or Alyss (consistent to the B-rabbit is not Alice theory). See that the Black one has a big Red Bow while the White one wears a pretty Blue Dress? In this case, it looks more like the bunnies represent the Alice and Alyss Vince hated when he was a kid. He didn't meet Alyss in her Abyss form till the Tragedy of Sablier happened. Till then Vince didn't know about the White Bunny with creepy eyes and B-Rabbit with red coat. 

How does Jack tie in with Oz and the B-rabbit?

No doubt, Jack is related to the B-rabbit. He might owned it or even be the B-rabbit itself 100 years ago.
1. He can use its power freely, either on his own will or forcing Oz (who could be the B-rabbit) to use it .
2. His threat to kill Gil is credible only if he has the power of the B-rabbit to destroy chains and chain-like Baskervilles (This applies only if Gil is a Baskerville)

It's implied that the B-rabbit is something that may belong to Oz, and Oz isn't really just a random Vessalius kid from the world 100 years later (there's a flashback of Alice crying and calling Oz's name). 

Crack Theories:
1. Oz is the reincarnation of Jack - the 100 years reincarnation story (Remember the Oz is Jack of Diamond?). Not so possible on second thought. Or maybe, he maybe the reincarnation of Jack, but he is now Oz, not Jack anymore. If, Oz is the B-rabbit, does it make Jack a chain? I think I just confused myself.

2. Could the B-rabbit have been born out of someone's will, eg. Alice? Since Alyss created Chesire (who was born after the cat died). Maybe, Alyss created the B-rabbit to protect and save Alice? Or did Alice while holding onto her Black Bunny create Oz out of loneliness? If Oz was indeed the B-rabbit and was born out of Alice's 'yet-to-be-discovered' power, then that would explain why Oz was so obsessed to 'crush those who make Alice cry'.
3. Everyone's memories are screwed up, could it be that Jack lived in a diff timeline/world, became a contractor, contacted Alyss and made her to change the pass? Hence people's memories contradicted and the Tragedy of Sablier was the final outcome while Jack turned into a chain (the B-rabbit) when he ended up in Abyss. This would make sense also if Jack, who ended up as a chain, who loved Lacie so much, who saw Alice as her, to be obsessed to protect Alice. 

4. Why is the B-rabbit such a special chain? Why is the B-rabbit stained in blood? Whose blood were those? Chains? People who died in Sablier? When Alyss said 'save Alice', what does she mean? From whom? Jack? The Baskervilles? Or the B-rabbit? After all, we've all seen how the chains wanted to crush the B-rabbit under Alyss' influence. Why is it that Alyss and the chains want to destroy the B-rabbit? If B-rabbit is related to Jack, why would Alyss want it crushed? 

5. Considering the nature of B-rabbit's power to deny existence of chains, can it destroy the will of Abyss and even the Abyss? After all, Jack must hate the Abyss, if the Abyss never exists in the first place, Lacie wouldn't be sacrificed. If Alyss wants to stop being the Will of Abyss, can't she get Mad Hatter or B-rabbit to do the job? Are there something else that needs to be done? 
6. How is Alice born in the Abyss after the tragedy? Let's say B-rabbit used to be Jack or Alice/Alyss' creation and loves Alice very much. Can it be Alyss' intention to send the B-rabbit, initially a chain, to be born as Oz so that he can destroy her in order to save Alice?  Thus, if Alyss tries to 'un-chain' the B-rabbit by sending its soul/thought/will to a baby Oz what would be left of the B-rabbit? Its power, fragmented memories of Alice and obsession with her? Did what was left of him gave birth to our B-Rabbit-Alice? Or did fragments of Alice's soul attached to the B-rabbit when she died, and when the B-rabbit was left hollow in the Abyss, she came into existence?

7. Jack had connection with Lacie, Glen, and hence the Abyss, Alice and Alyss and the B-rabbit. Maybe, Jack made Alyss to meddle with the Baskervilles', Gil and Vince's memories when they were trapped in Abyss, then all this would make sense since it explains why everyone's memories are so screwed up. I wonder how much does Alyss knows? Did she have her own agenda at that time? When Vincent told her that Jack was dead, she denied it, maybe Jack was with her earlier, to instruct/sweet-talk her into his bidding?

8. Most importantly, how does the existence of Oz (B-rabbit?) disrupts the peace of Abyss?

Phew. I had so many questions, crazy speculations and mad stuff swimming in my mind. Finally got them all spilled out. I'm tired like mad!

So, what do you think?


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  2. You have some point... But I think it's because you could consider that Oz is B-Rabbit because he's in contract with it, right? And Alice's soul is bounded to B-Rabbit. When the string that binds Alice's soul to B-Rabbit breaks, then it's possible that Alice will disappear because Oz will now have full control of B-Rabbit without the help of Alice. BUT YOUR THEORY MIGHT BE RIGHT/// I SUPPORT IT

  3. I came back here to say that YOUR THEORY CAME TRUE. Thank you.

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  5. Wow, you're really observant! Your theory is totally true! Holy crap!

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  12. I just read chapter 72... I'm going to go weep now... oz is b-rabbit...
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  13. You can read in Jun Mochizuki's mind!!!

  14. How incredible that you're theories are right! i think that you are the disciple of jun mochizuki-sama. I want to be you're disciple too,master...Uhmm. can i have a question? there are some picture of mochizuki-sama that is spreading and they think that the person with a cool or rather weird tattoo with a bunny ears is oz true form.Did you consider it possible that this can be true because of what you explain.Mochizuki-sama's pattern are have a connection to the series and i think that the person with the black bunny ears and have a weird tattoo on his left cheek is oz true form.What do you think?

  15. http://fc01.deviantart.net/fs70/f/2010/110/4/f/B_Rabbit_Oz_by_Bayleef_.jpg (this is what the picture that they said is oz true form) http://t0.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcSkJY8BowpF_hPvZVtV-Z132FVdlm6-vFmeq0Z2VtQ5ptA0EtFmKA0lp7EFrw (and this is the other one)

  16. If Oz is Jack's rabbit chain why do Alice can use b-rabbit power?

    I think it is because Alice is Lacie's chain... Like Oz she's reborn in a newchild body. Lacie's child.

    1. Maybe. Alyss doesn't remember the name of the chain. I am sure that the identity of the chain is gonna be a suprise.

  17. well in the manga Jack tells Oz that he was the B-Rabbit that helped him open the Abyss 100 years ago. Oz was originally a black rabbit doll that the will of Abyss gave life to to watch Alice, gave Jack the memory that made him want to open the Abyss. After giving the memory he broke apart and went to the Abyss and then he was made into a chain and Jack contracted with him

  18. Well this theory is correct, Oz is Oz the B-Rabbit, and had formed a contract with Jack, who forced him to cause the Tragedy of Sabrie. Which Glen and Alice stopped, however in order to prevent the Will of the Abyss from helping Jack, Alice killed herself.

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  27. How did it feel after as many chapters as it took, to find out you were always right? Your predictions were spot on and your evidence was brilliant!

    Congrats this was awesomely done! :-)