Monochrome Factor Chapter 41

Here you go. :)

SPOILERS!! Highlight to read!!

Omg!! Nanaya is back!!! And he's so hot looking like that!!! *inserts fan-girl squeal* xD

Anyway... There's not much in this chappy, the climatic part is for the next chapter~ Ryuko!!!!

Back to Nanaya. Sad Nanaya is sad. D:
Is it just me or does Nanaya actually look mature in this chapter...?
Maybe he has grown up after the mess...?
And now I can't help wondering how did Homurabi merged the Kokuchi with Nanaya?
Did Homurabi really killed Nanaya or it's the preparation for creating monster Nanaya...?

Moving onto the translation...

The term 'Training' on page 6 is actually a direct translation from Chinese. I wasn't too sure about it since it sounds unfitting to me... Training eh? Is Homurabi the type who takes the effort to train...?

And so I was thinking that it could also carry the meaning of 'transmutation' or 'creation' when I read the following chapter... But I'll just stick to training for now...

Everytime you kissed me

(original) vocal: Emily Bindiger
Lyrics, music, arrangement: Yuki Kajiura
Chorus: WAKANA, Yuriko Kaida

Everytime you kissed me
I trembled like a child
Gathering the roses
We sang for the hope
Your very voice is in my heartbeat
Sweeter than my dream
We were there, in everlasting bloom

Monochrome Factor Chapter 40

Translated and edited the image within a day. (Phew~)

All was done by myself with the aid of Google Translator, Notepad, and Photoshop. :D

Pardon me for all the mistakes, grammar, errors, or whatever you can find in the files... I did everything by myself... It's a solo!!! A one-man-show!! xD

I'm not uploading it to any sites since I know this isn't the best translation around. Maybe when I'm confident enough then I might think about it again...

Do leave a comment if you download it~ :D (I know some won't due to lousyinternetconnection/noaccount/lazy&etc... lol)

And please don't post the download link at other sites, but posting the link to this blog is ok. :3


Syaoran Vector

This was unexpected.


I was browsing through my Tsubasa Gallery and when I came across this and this, I thought, 'Hey, these look like they're from the same pic!!'

And so I meddled with Photoshop a bit and here's the result...


青の祓魔師 (Ao no Exorcist)

Blue Exorcist!!

A new series!!

Well, not that new though...

It was recommended by Comic Weekly and the moment I spotted it in HQ I swept it off the shelf in an instant.