Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood 63 - Happy Family

The second last episode of FMAB. );
Been playing a lot with the screenshots today since this episode has a lot of nice scenes~ All those punching shots, emo looks, crying scenes and smiling faces made me a happy fan~ :D

Nice punch!

Angel Beats! 13 - More ♥ For Mapo Tofu

I know I should be crying on a graduation day, but I just can't resist making fun of them after seeing the screen shots.

Who knew Kanade is another crazy nutshell?

Kaichou wa Maid-sama! 11 - Stalking

Was going to watch Bloody Monday 2 while having lunch. But it was sooooooooo damn disappointing that I couldn't swallow my food at all so I switched to this instead.


Kuroshitsuji 46: さあ、犯人はだあれ?

Sebby is quitting his butler job and is now a detective!!

Angel Beats! 12 - Luv

Otonashi's backward shooting scene
Hinata and Naoi's bickering moment
TK's spinning attack
Overloading love

Another episode packed full of the SSS members and Kanade's awesomeness. Angels Beats! still managed to squeeze in some comedy in this kind of situation. Especially when the love triangle relationship between Otonashi, Hinata and Naoi was being highlighted. It was clear that Otonashi prefers Hinata since he calls for his name only!!! xD Awww... Naoi is one sad little puppy!!!

Featured Artist: かる

We all love pretty things, no? I've always been stalking quite a number of talented artists on Pixiv and Piapro ever since I've caught the Vocaloid bug. So now I've decided to share some of my favourite artists and their pretty artwork.

DISCLAIMERS: Nothing belongs to me.

Today's featured artist:

Di[e]ce Chapter 38 - Rooks & Pawns

Will do a review post for this manga once my finals are over. For now all I can say is, this is one awesome manga. Gorgeous art, chess pieces, handsome bishies, and its interesting story are enough to capture my heart. Enough said.
SPOILERS & crazy fangirling BEWARE.

Monochrome Factor Chapter 52

Translation done!!!!!!!!!!!! xDDD

So maybe I had more time than I thought. Whether that's true or not depends on my result... lol

Good thing the scanlations came out earlier than I expected. =D

Angel Beats! 09 - In Your Memories

Thoughts on highlight of the episode, so it's full of spoilers. If you hate spoilers, go watch it now so you won't be spoiled!!!