Pandora Hearts Chapter 60 - Empty Shell

Mochizuki-sensei, no one likes uncertainty, but there's no need to slam 'Elliot is Dead' on our faces on the first page. D;

Brief summary for Chapter 60 Egg Shell (Lost) from the raws after the jump!

Brief Summary:
Elliot is dead, now we're certain of it.
Reim and Break are still sleeping since 3 days have passed.

Leo went screaming 'aaaaaaaaahhhh' when he found Elliot dead.
Oz could only stone there and watch Leo screaming, he couldn't even cry.
Because of Yura's lousy wish, many had died, the seal was broken and now Leo's being interrogated.

Back to the present, Oz is staring at the sky with his hollow eyes.
Alice remembers that she smelled the scent of a chain from Elliot at the blissful tea party, if only she had noticed it earlier, perhaps...
The weird feeling Leo gave her when they back at Sabrie bugs her, but now she can only think of Oz.
Oz tells Alice that the the sky turns blue as if nothing happened, and that natural colour of the sky irritates him.

Barma receives a letter from Isla Yura, he then visits Rainsworth to discuss the matter.
In the letter, Yura states that his dream of repeating the Tragedy of Sabrie is probably destroyed. It is also likely that he won't be alive when Barma receives this letter, so he is giving all his possessions to Barma, who came from the same country as Yura.

Yura explains that it was a coincidence that he bought the mansion. The 'cursed mansion', 'tragedy befalls on those who live there' and such rumours sparked Yura's curiosity. Then, Yura found the sealing stone in the basement of the mansion. It was unknown how the last decendant of the protector of the stone died, but Yura took what was left of their knowledge to recreate the Tragedy of Sabrie. The fact that the mysterious Abyss, the Baskervilles and the chains truly exists fascinated Yura and so his wild dream blossoms.

It seemed like Yura used the Nightrays. He brainwashed Duchess Nightray after her sons' deaths and sort of collaborate with Duke of Nightray to help him with his insane dream. While still discussing Yura's crazy dream, Barma and Rainsworth are informed by a Pandora that the Duke of Nightray was discovered to be murdered in a secret room of some mansion (Rebeiyu it says)

Leo hates himself, he tells the Pandora people that he is no use to them anymore since Elliot is dead. He says that it's his fault that Elliot dies and keeps on yelling 'disappear!' until, Vincent appears and murders the guards.

Standing before Leo, Vincent announces that he is there to pass Elliot's final words to Leo.

After Thoughts:
The plot is sure moving fast, before we are given enough time to settle down with the outcome of the tragedy at the party, Vincent is trolling everyone in a flash. Oz is still in his coma, Reim and Break are still snoozing, Gil and Sharon only had a sip of tea and Leo is still extreme emoing mode. Naturally, this is the best time indeed to ambush, and that is what Vincent did. With Leo's current mental state, Vincent could probably hypnotize Leo pretty easily.

I'm pretty mind-blown at the moment, anything can happen from now onwards. Especially Leo, can he remain firm and unswayed or will he crumble before Vincent's poisonously sweet words. Seeing that now Oz was raped by Alice is in no mood to fight, I really hope that Gilbert and take up the role to motivate and lead the gang. He needs to shine more~


  1. i cant believe that eliot is dead that easily. i he will come back

  2. Where did you read the raw? Thanks :)

  3. The raws are usually posted at here: :)

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