Pandora Hearts

Yes, Pandora Hearts! The manga shares a similar art style as FMA, although less detail. But the anime suck... The characters look hideous most of the time. Gilbert's eyes are to slim!! Their clothes are out of shape!! T.T

Thank god, at least they have Fukuyama Jun as Vincent, who makes everything more enjoyable.

Message of Regret - Ballad Ver

This song is lovely.

The ballad version of Regret Message by Kagamine Rin.

The song itself is sad enough already, the soft, calming, and slow version of it makes it even more tearful...

Do give it a try~


FMA Brotherhood 26 was awesome. Especially the part where Ed forced his way to tell Al (body) to wait for him. :3

Go Ed Go Ed~~

I've been wanting to comment about this for a long time but for various reasons it was delayed. Hologram is decent, but not enough to be played on my Hikaru repetitively.

But the animation scene *points at the image above*, especially this one, is awesome. I really like Lin. He may seem carefree and laid back, he's actually quite deep... Love it when the 2 dropped down behind him~

Let It Out was better than Hologram. Still, I find that it lacks something. As if the music sounds hollow (to me, no offence to others). Sure, the music is pleasant and the ED animation is just so peaceful that they complement each other, no complaint about that. xD

Though, the new ED owned these 2 songs!! Will make a post about that some time later!

Tsubasa - It's Not The End


I started following Tsubasa before form 3, and it's finally coming to an end! I just can't believe it, more than 3 of torturing and mind-wrecking!! T.T

We started off with emo-Syaoran looking at his photo of him with his Clone/Father and Clone of Girlfriend/Mother. T.T
They're gone from the photo. Syaoran looks so lonely... T.T

And then, the princess had a dream. Some bad dream obviously.